There Are Many Great Vintage Baby Names Parents Can Consider

People who are having trouble finding the perfect vintage boys’ name that is also used too rarely can now choose from a wide list of options presented to them by the Namerology website and app. It gives its users a variety of options for baby names, and that includes vintage names like Hardy, Mac, and Otis.

Parents Have Fewer Boy Baby Names Available to Choose From

Parents Have Fewer Boy Baby Names Available to Choose From According to the creator of Namerology, Laura Wattenberg, today’s parents have fewer options to choose from when it comes to baby names. She pointed out how looking back at any given historical period, the names John, William, and James were the most commonly used. Apparently, boy names weren’t coming in and out of fashion like girl names did, so there are fewer vintage baby names available for parents who have a newborn baby boy.

There Are Many Interesting Antique Baby Boy Names That Sound Modern

Parents can use Namerology or other sources to look for old baby boy names that still sound and feel fresh and modern. According to Wattenberg, girls’ names in modern days were chosen based on the way they sound. Wattenberg further explained how smooth, light, and vowel-driven sounds were preferred and stated that this was the reason why Amelias and Olivias were more widely used compared to Gertrudes and Mildreds.

There Are Many Great Vintage Baby Names Parents Can ConsiderLaura Wattenberg is the author of the Baby Name Wizard handbook, and she noted that some parents weren’t opposed to using names with big groups of voiced consonants like Mildred. According to her, heavier names stand out more and are preferred by many parents of baby boys. She explained that this was the reason why Conrad would stand out among other names like those rhyming with Aiden. Wattenberg recommended to parents to look for names that were tied to a historical figure like Woodrow, after the former President or research their own family trees for unexpected gems. Namerology has some 26 vintage men’s names available for people who want to choose one for their baby boy.