How to Get Children Excited and Ready to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is something almost every adult on the planet tries to do. A lot of the time, those goals you set at the beginning of every new year never come to see the light of day. But adults make them every year, so why not make them with children? It’s good for them to set personal goals and try their best to achieve them!

New Year’s Resolutions for kids

Be Role Models for Children

When children are young, they follow everything their parents do. So when you’re helping kids set resolutions for the new year, it’s important to be their role models. If you want your kids to set a goal for getting ready earlier, you need to do the same – show them it’s good for them. If your child is working on doing homework on time or eating healthy, show them they can achieve it! Eat healthier yourself and do your daily chores or pay the bills on time.

Small Steps to Achieve Big Goals

Children should learn something very important from their parents – how to achieve big things by taking small steps. Create a system with your kids – write down small steps for them to take to accomplish all the goals they’ve set for themselves. No one said people, especially children, should leap and jump to reach their goals – you can teach them that small steps will get them there too!

Narrow Down the Resolutions List

The list of goals your child wants to set for themselves for the upcoming year doesn’t have to be 10 pages long. That would be too confusing and time-consuming. Why not teach them to narrow down the list instead? Tell them to make five goals for the whole year and work on achieving those instead of worrying about pages and pages.

Don’t Nag – Follow Through

Your children might need your help keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions, instead of nagging. If you’re constantly on your kid’s back about their set goals, you might get the opposite effect – your child might lose interest and give up on the entire thing. Instead, try encouraging them and following through with the plan.

Keeping up with resolutions is difficult for anybody, but for children, it can be much harder. If it’s their first time making goals for the time ahead, help them – encourage them! Work with them and follow through – make sure you’re a role model and help them achieve whatever they’ve set their minds to!