Parents Can Try Some Easy Science Experiments During the Summer

During the summer, parents can find many different, engaging, and educational activities to keep stimulating the minds of their children without sticking to a formal school curriculum. While summer breaks ultimately create great opportunities for families to spend time participating in leisure activities or simply vacationing, it’s important to have a good balance between play and learning to ensure the educational progress they had made during the previous academic year will not be lost during the summer. So, here are a few easy and fun science-based experiments that can help parents engage their kids in science while having quality family time and in a low-stress environment.

Melting Skittles With the Magic of Science Is a Great Trick for Kids

The Melting Skittles Science Experiment

A fun and easy science experiment that kids love to do is Skittle Melting Magic. This fun experiment can be done in three simple steps. First, enthusiasts should place the Skittles in a circle on a plate. Then, water should be poured into the center of the plate to cover the bottom of the Skittles. The magic happens when the colors start melting depending on the temperature of the water, forming a chocolate rainbow.

Another good practice with children is to teach them about germs. This can easily be done while teaching children to wash their hands by explaining why it is important and what germs have to do with the process. This is a great opportunity to teach children a valuable life lesson while. A good way to simulate how soap helps to get rid of germs is to put water with grounded black pepper on a plate and use a finger dipped in soap to make the pepper run away from the finger. This can show kids how good hand-washing can repel germs.

Oranges Can Be Used for a Science Experiment Showing Buoyancy

The Floating Orange Experiment

Fun, easy, and educational, the orange buoyancy science experiment is perfect for kids of all ages. Most importantly, it’s very easy to demonstrate, and that is especially great for busy parents. The ingredients are simple and include water and oranges. This experiment shows children that an orange will not sink, but a peeled orange will go directly to the bottom. It’s useful for parents to teach kids some science and how to experiment using the scientific method.

The Walking Water Experiment

Another trick that teaches science very effectively is the walking water experiment. It requires a strip of paper towel folded 1 or 2 inches wide. One end of the paper towel strip should be placed into a glass with colored water and the other end into an empty glass. After staying like that for about an hour, the water will travel through the paper towel until the two glasses have the same amount of liquid. Parents can use several glasses for a better effect.

The Walking Water Experiment

There are other similar experiments that are easy to do and very interesting for kids. Parents could try the Magic Milk experiment, where dish soap is used to scatter food coloring on top of milk, or the Making Rain experiment, which provides a great visual of how clouds hold moisture and why it rains when they cannot retain it. So, while learning and summer may not go hand in hand for children, parents can be creative with science experiments to keep their kids learning as much as possible.