Fun and Spooky Activities to Take Up With Kids This Fall

Over the past several years, Halloween has been developed into a season for home decorating and baking specific treats by families. Without a doubt, if your children love baking cookies, Halloween’s the time when you can take such activities to the next level. Here are several amusing things to take up this Halloween season. Preparing these combines learning with having fun.

Read on for five fun and spooky ideas to introduce to your kiddos for a truly special Halloween. The activities we’ve got in mind won’t just be intriguing for children! In fact, the whole family can join in and have some fun!

Baking Frenzy with Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

Give your kiddos a chance to create something unique and add warmth and coziness to your home with a baking frenzy activity! You can make traditional Halloween cookies or step it up a notch by creating a Halloween equivalent of the Christmas gingerbread house. You can bake a Dracula house, pumpkin cookies decorated like spiders, and many more.

Celebrate with Undercover STEM Activities

Spooky DIY kit

Have you heard of KiwiCo? We’re sure you have! This year, KiwiCo offers several STEM (i.e., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities kits to help you get into the Halloween spirit without any effort. If your kiddos aren’t fans of traditional learning activities, they would love KiwiCo’s haunted house-making kit. It allows them to create their own spooky place for Halloween. KiwiCo’s Halloween items are an enormous hit among ages five and up, but parents can join in the fun!

A Spooky Sightseeing Experience

House decorations for Halloween

Without a doubt, Halloween home decorations have started catching up with December lights and glitz. Organize a spooky sightseeing experience by driving (or walking) around the neighborhood to see all the spooky sights your neighbors have put up. If there aren’t too intriguing houses around the block, you can always broaden the search, too!

Tell a Spooky Story

Storyteller telling spooky stories

Do you still love Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, then you’d love this one. Gather up all members of your family (near a bonfire would be ideal, and don’t forget to bring a flashlight!) and take turns telling different stories. Allowing your kids to make up their own stories develops their imagination and language skills. Be careful not to tell too scary stories. There are plenty of PG versions of traditional spooky stories you can use if you struggle with creating your own kid-friendly version of your favorite ones.

Movie Marathon? Why Not!

Remember what fun it used to be to cuddle up on the couch and watch a spooky movie for Halloween? Why not repeat it with your kiddos? Of course, movie marathon activities don’t have to be too terrifying, especially for the smaller kids. You’ll undoubtedly find countless spooky and horror movies out there. Still, we recommend picking something that’s kid-friendly and more of a family movie than a horror one. That way, your children will still get to experience the spookiness of Halloween without having nightmares throughout the night. We recommend titles like Casper and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Don’t forget that there are always plenty of other activities to take up with your kids to set them in a Halloween mood! As always, make sure to adopt things that can be easily achieved by your child, and always opt for PG tasks.

Shay Mitchell Gave Her New Baby Girl a Name Loaded With Meaning

Shay Mitchell, one of the stars of the show Pretty Little Liars, recently gave birth to her second baby – another little girl. She and her partner, Matte Babel, chose a very special name for their little bundle of joy. The model-turned-actress shared the meaning of the beautiful name under a picture she posted on her Instagram profile.

Shay Mitchell A Beautiful Name With Meaning

Recently, Shay Mitchell lost her beloved grandmother Romaine. She was very close with her grandmother and wanted the name of her daughter to be inspired by the person she loved so much but is no longer here with her. So Shay and her boyfriend gave the little baby girl the unique name Rome. She wrote, in the Instagram post where she shared the baby’s name, that after losing the most important person in her life this year, right before she welcomed her second daughter, everything shifted for her. She continued by saying that one thing is staying steady in her soul and that’s the belief that her grandmother and baby girl have spent time together.

Shay Mitchell announcing the birth of her 2nd daughter - Rome

In the photo, you can see her holding the little baby girl close to her chest. On Shay Mitchell’s neck, you can see a necklace with the beautiful and meaningful name of her daughter Rome. She also wrote how happy she was that little Rome is already here, named after her best friend, soulmate, her ‘person’ – her grandmother Romaine. She had opened up about the loss of her grandmother back in February in another Instagram post and said that her pregnancy felt bittersweet.

This Is Shay Mitchell’s Second Child

Shay Mitchell and her 1st daughter - Atlas Back in 2019, Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel welcomed their first child – a little girl named Atlas. Back then, she announced the fact they have become parents by sharing a picture of her holding the baby’s hand and captioned it “Never letting go…” Shay had said many times how much she loves being a mom but she was also very open about the fact she had some negative emotions, too, when she was expecting Atlas. She said that once she shared her experience, many women did the same and this made her feel less alone.

Now, Shay Mitchell is a mother of two and things are coming full circle for her. On Mother’s Day, she shared a photo with her mini-me – her daughter Atlas and wrote that home is where she is and thanked her for making her a mom.