5 Fun Family Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

There are plenty of activities that are perfect for the entire family. Some of those can be very fun, and their universality makes them the first choice for many. Whether the kids are all young or a bit grown up, the following activities are perfect because they bring everyone a little closer together regardless of age. Here are five of the most liked and universal activities for the entire family:

5 Ideas for Fun Family Activities That Are Enjoyable to Everyone

Volunteering Can Lead to Interesting Activities

Volunteering with the kids, for any cause, can be very fun for everyone and it also comes with its own innate lessons. It can even be considered quality time squared because the family will get to spend the day learning about the joy of helping others. This way, everybody makes the world a better place. When considering what to volunteer for, parents can take a cue from the things their kids love. So, if a kid likes dogs, they are sure to enjoy rounding up supplies for an animal shelter.

Kick the Can

Traditional sports are fun, and most people practice them, but kids can find something different to be more interesting, at least when it comes to family activities. So, something that puts everyone on the same playing field can be a good idea. Games like the classic playground pastimes, like Kick the Can or Capture the Flag are always good ideas. The great thing about those games is that they can be customized per the size, age, and ability of the crowd in question. They also require little equipment, and the different sets of rules for these games can easily be found online.

Make a Time Capsule

Preserving some family artifacts for future generations is a very fun way to celebrate what a family is and what it stands for. A great tip for time capsules is to not bury the collection because that makes preserving it more difficult. Apparently, when unearthed, time capsules are often a mess. So putting everything into an archival box and storing it away in a cool, dark place is a good idea. A time capsule should include big stuff like artwork, notes, and school reports, as well as little items like movie stubs, toys, and printouts from the Internet. It’s important that all the items can stand the test of time.

Get Cooking

Teaching kids how to make an old family recipe can be a great time for bonding. Cooking with kids can be done by making it into a brand-new tradition focused on baking bread. Kids seem to be very intuitive when it comes to some cooking activities and are especially happy when allowed to play with dough. So, finding a foolproof whole wheat bread recipe for at-home baking can be a great way to have fun with the entire family.

Plant Something

Things that can be planted with the family include zucchini, bush beans, and cherry tomatoes. A good idea is to use one-by-two-foot self-watering planters. Kids can be allowed to do the watering and harvesting work because it’s simpler. Parents may have to do more than their share of the work, but it should convince the kids to eat vegetables and teach them to like healthy food.

What Parents Should Know About the Live-Streaming Platform Twitch

It may be challenging for parents and other caregivers to stay up to date with the newest social media platforms because of how many applications our kids use and how quickly they change. The popularity of live streaming has grown quickly, and Amazon-owned Twitch TV receives over 15 million daily visitors. But are our kids secure using websites like Twitch? Here’s all the information parents need to know about the well-known site:

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is an interactive live-streaming website that was created in 2011 and is mostly used by gamers; however, it also shows cooking, day-in-the-life films, music performances, and live Q&A sessions with producers. The chat function allows users to converse with one another in addition to broadcasting. While a person is broadcasting, this may be done on the main Stream Chat or through Twitch’s “Rooms” function.

Rooms are private chat areas that can be created by anybody using their account and are accessible directly from the channel page. They may be accessed from the header of the Stream conversation in the channel of the creator, which is also where Rooms can be joined or established. Twitch users can enter rooms over the web and on their mobile devices.

What Parents Should Know About Live-Streaming Platform TwitchWhat Makes Twitch So Popular?

The gaming industry was where the website first gained popularity. Users quickly develop a feeling of community because of the opportunity to communicate with well-known live streamers. Additionally, Twitch faces minimal opposition in the live-streaming market. Despite having Livestream functionality, other networks like Facebook and YouTube haven’t had the same success.

Is Twitch Protecting Underage Users?

Twitch has doubled the size of its law enforcement response team since it formed a partnership with the NCMEC and the Tech Coalition two years ago.

To identify and remove child broadcasters under the age of 13 and predators, Twitch has “many further improvements in development.” Since malicious actors may exploit this information to dodge responsibility, Twitch is unable to openly disclose “much of the work in this area.”

While Twitch doesn’t have any special parental controls, other services may be used to keep an eye on internet usage. Make sure your kids are following the safe internet usage guidelines you’ve discussed with them by checking in periodically.