This Mom Decided to Leave Everything and Play Video Games

It’s become a common sight to see stay-at-home parents. A dad and a mom who work from home can get overwhelmed by everything. There’s the kids to think about, chores, errands, cleaning, making food for the family, and remaining sane through it all! Some mothers or fathers take it upon themselves to provide the much-needed rest!


The Beginning Is Rough

A writer stirred up quite a discussion because her recent explanation of how she decided to cope with her overwhelming life also shares her overwhelming routine. She shares that she is a mother of four children of different ages, and her morning begins bright and early. She has to get lunch for her husband, tend to the toddler, and feed the other kids, and that’s just her morning. Who wouldn’t want a break?

Mother and children baking cupcakes in kitchen

The Stress and Chores Continue

The mom continues to talk about her routine, and you can get a headache just from reading about it. After all her morning chores, she has to tuck away the kids and continue with the laundry, cooking, and tending to the home. Her husband has a morning-to-evening shift at work, so she has to rely on herself alone. That would make anyone a little crazy.

The Mom That’s Never Understood

When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you want your partner to sit and listen to you and support you in every way he can. Well, the woman with the controversial post wanted her husband’s support after sharing how tired she was, but he got angry. He told her the job was easy and she shouldn’t complain about doing it. That’s what triggered her to take the next step!

She Reached Her Limit

The mom said she couldn’t take it anymore and started yelling that she would let her husband do everything instead while she sat and played video games. Sure enough, even with angry phone calls from her mother-in-law and angry comments from her husband, she stayed true to her word — she locked herself in the room and played video games all day!

There were various comments about the tactics of the mom, and not all were encouraging and motivational. People told her to try couples therapy. They wondered how she could ignore her family like that — even her mother-in-law wondered the same. But at the end of the day, the woman knew she needed a much-deserved break after two years, and she gave it to herself!