How to Successfully Save Family Recipes to Pass Down for Generations

Cooking at home

Truth is, recipes do far more than just adding variety to our diets. Some of them, called family recipes, can also serve as reminders of people and special moments in our lives. Cooking them can transport you back in time with tastes, smells, and memories. This is why preserving them for many years to come is so important. If a loved one passes away, this collection can be a precious gift.

Where to Begin

Think of the family recipes as passwords to tastiness. You should start by asking yourself what the way is you keep track of your recipes right now and whether or not you are an index card traditionalist. Also, having a battle-worn or stained notebook or having gone digital and created a document will determine the most convenient way to store it. No matter the method, your goal is to preserve recipes for future generations.

the words "Keep calm and love cooking" on top of a cooking board

With the basics out of the window, now it’s time to focus on those who love to cook but don’t have an organized recipe system in place. Just like organizing a medical journal, passwords, or other heirlooms, saving family recipes involves committing things you have in your mind to one easy-to-understand system. The difference here is that your favorite recipe will be an absolute joy to share and eat.

  • A Great Template for Writing Recipes
  • Name of the recipe
  • List of the ingredients you need for preparing the meal
  • Cooking/preparation instructions
  • Additional tips and instructions

Round Up Your Recipes

You should give yourself a one-day time limit to round up all your recipes in one place. To keep your collection from becoming a huge and heavy encyclopedia, you can always take three one-hour shifts and focus only on personal recipes, family favorites, and those who were handed down from grandparents and parents.


Digital Storage

If you are creating a digital cookbook in Google Docs or a Word document, you should start plugging away using the format that is suggested above. Add new recipes at regular intervals or as they begin to stack up.