Useful Tips for Traveling Around the World With Children

Think twice before saying traveling stops where parental life begins. Monet Hambrick is a mom who loves to go around the globe and reach new destinations. Rather than abandoning her plans when she had kids, she didn’t stop enjoying what she liked most – to travel. She even turned it into a prolific business! Read on for some of her tips for exploring the globe with kids.

Choose the Right Destinations

Monet Hambrick and her family.
Useful Tips for Traveling Around the World With Children

Monet, who founded the Traveling Child, shares that the most important thing when exploring new horizons with your children is choosing the ideal destinations. She recommends that parents opt for regions that feel familiar and comfortable as opposed to those that make them feel unprepared. After all, if you’re okay with the destination, your children will be too.

If you decide to go international, it’s a good idea to pick a location where everyone speaks English freely to avoid any tricky situations. Another thing to consider is picking a destination where renting vehicles is available. That way, you’ll be able to put children in car seats efficiently.

Chase the Deal

Monet Hambrick with her daughters, Jordyn and Kennedy.
Useful Tips for Traveling Around the World With Children

Do you have a particular destination in mind? Perhaps special dates as well? Leave those aside. Oftentimes, Monet says, finding the right offers for your desired location proves more expensive than most people can afford. There’s another alternative. Look out for different offers and create your travel plans on the cheapest deals, not the greatest locations.

That allows parents and children to see a lot of different locations without breaking the bank. Various mobile apps available allow customers to enter airports on specific dates to get the cheapest deals available for a given period.

Research Is Key to Success

The Hambrick family
Useful Tips for Traveling Around the World With Children

Of course, picking a place to stay is a key aspect of the whole process. Before traveling, Monet advises parents do their homework. She recommends picking vacation rentals having at least 10 reviews, most of which must be relatively recent.

That way, you and your family won’t be the guinea pigs. Finding comfort and convenience is crucial when exploring new destinations with kids, so it pays to do research on the hotel, villa, or any other location you’ve decided to stay at.