A Video of a Toddler Shows What Growing up During the Pandemic Is Like

Mother sanitizing her todder's hands

Today, many people realize that the pandemic has taken up nearly half of the lives of their toddlers. Most of them are sure that their kids will never remember times before the requirement to wear a mask, frequent hand washing, and mostly staying at home because of what the new normal is. For a toddler, singing “Happy Birthday” while scrubbing his hands at the sink and wearing a mask is standard, which can be heartbreaking. However, they don’t know a life other than this.

A Certain Toddler Is Already Accepting The “New Normal”

This is where a viral Generation corona video comes in. It’s uploaded to Reddit, and it shows a little girl casually walking up to random things outside and touching them thinking they are the pumps of a sanitizer. After this, she rubs her hands together. Once you get past the shock of this toddler putting her hand near so many power outlets and touching things, one user from Reddit called them “prime dog peeing spots.” The video intended to be cute and funny, but it serves as a reminder that this strange period in our lives is all some infants know.

A toddler thinking that everything is a hand sanitizer.

One user commented that his 18-month-old had never met another baby and this makes him sad because the kid is missing out on making friends. Another parent noted that their kids had started infusing the virus into playtime. The parent puts a stick up the nose, playing as if they were taking a test.

Safety Habits for the Future

On a positive note, our kids are quickly learning safety measures to prevent the pandemic, and they can use them after all this is over. Cases of the seasonal flu and common illnesses are way down in 2021, and wearing masks, frequent hand-washing, and social distancing have all helped with that.