Kids and Adults Can Learn About Accountability From Lizzo


Every now and then, we need a reminder that words have meaning and an impact on others. But that’s how we grow and make important steps forward. Lizzo was recently called out, online, for using an ableist slur in her song “GRRRLS.” The artist quickly took to Twitter to issue an official apology and announce a revised version of the song, teaching everyone a great lesson in accountability!

What Caused the Uproar

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Almost immediately after Lizzo released her new single “GRRRLS,” people took to the internet to share their outrage about an ableist slur the artist used in the song. The word in question was “spazz” which is a derogatory term that developed from the word spastic. As the term alludes to those with disabilities regarding muscle control, the word is considered ableist, which is prejudice and discrimination against people with disabilities.

Lizzo Issued a Sincere Apology

Once the issue was brought up on social media, it wasn’t long before Lizzo gave a response. The singer took to Twitter where she issued an official apology. She explained that she never wanted to promote derogatory language, especially as someone who has experienced hurtful words used against her.

Lizzo's Apology on Twitter

She explained that she understands the power that words have, whether they’re used intentionally or unintentionally, claiming that the latter is what happened in her song. The singer then announced a revised version of “GRRRLS” and stated that, as an influential artist, she wants to be part of the positive change she’s always wanted to see in the world.

A Great Example of Accountability

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Lizzo’s apology received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Celebrities are not exempt from making mistakes, just like anyone else. However, it’s commendable that this artist took the time to listen and understand what her fans and critics were saying and immediately took action to rectify the situation. Her apology showed remorse and empathy and nobody doubted its sincerity.

A Valuable Lesson to Pass on to Kids

The way Lizzo handled the situation is not only commendable but also a learning opportunity for everyone. What’s truly important is to teach children what accountability is and why it’s important. This situation, and how it was resolved, is a perfect example to use for this purpose.

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The first step is to acknowledge the issue, what was done or said wrong, and why it was wrong. Then, we must validate the other person’s feelings and understand that the results of our actions matter more than our intentions. Mean what you say when making an apology and take the steps to improve and make a change.