Friends Creating Families — How Platоnic Parenting Models Work

In our modern day and age, love and marriage are no longer a prerequisite for bringing children into the world and raising them to the best of one’s abilities. A new trend is emerging of platonic parenting models in which friends or groups of two or more consenting adults that aren’t romantically involved agree to raise a child or children together. Although the concept might seem unique and far from the traditional family structure, it’s becoming more common in today’s society.

Friends Creating Families - How Platоnic Parenting Models Work What Is Platonic Parenting

Platonic parenting starts off as an agreement between consenting adults to bring a child into the world or adopt and raise the child or children in a platonic co-parenting model. This means that marriage, love, and romantic involvement aren’t necessary precursors. While some choose to co-parent with long-time friends, some co-parents meet online through sites such as Family By Design, Coparents, Pollen Tree, and many others.

What Could Be the Perks of This Parenting Model

Many parents that are currently raising children in this platonic co-parenting model say that finding a romantic partner that shares all the same parenting ideologies, mindsets, and the required chemistry for a lasting romantic relationship is a tall order. That’s why many parents chose to create a platonic co-parenting system with like-minded individuals that share the same ideals and parenting styles, and a willingness to share all parental tasks.

Legality and Paperwork

Creating a non-traditional family unit through platonic parenting is a bit more complicated when it comes to paperwork. Both parents can get listed on the child’s birth certificate if they’re both biologically connected to the child. In some US states, a parent will not be added to the birth certificate if these criteria aren’t met. Another option is seeking legal parentage through second-parent adoption. The process for this approach varies from state to state. Signing a pre-conception parenting agreement that outlines the guidelines of how the co-parenting process should work can also be helpful.

5 Fun and Relatable ‘Encanto’ Memes for All the Parents Out There

If you can’t stop thinking about the movie Encanto, you are definitely not alone. It’s a total hit not only because of the brilliant music, animation, and casting. The film has a deeper meaning and is loved by young children and their parents alike. Now, on social media, you probably have seen lots of memes from the movie popping up on all kinds of topics. But here are our top five relatable parenting memes from Encanto.

5 Fun and Relatable Encanto Memes for All the Parents Out There Encanto Meme on Parenting Toddlers

Have a toddler banging on everything they see? Drawers, tables, floors, TV units, or anything else in your home? If so, you can surely relate to this meme.

No Secrets When You Have Littles

If you have small children, you probably already have been in a situation where you are trying to keep something private but they just want to share it with the world. This one is for you, parents of secret-sharing toddlers and kids!

All Eyes on You

Do you often feel like someone’s watching you, especially when you are having a meal? If you nodded your head when reading that, we can bet you are a parent and there’s always someone watching every step you make and every bite you take!

Waiting on Miracles and Peace

At dinner time, do you often wonder what eating in peace would be like? Do you miss hearing your thoughts? We totally get you and the Encanto meme creators, too!

Parents Trying to Sleep at Night

Are you bombarded with intrusive thoughts every time you lay down at night and try to sleep? Do you feel like your body is falling apart but somehow these thoughts manage to keep you awake? All of us parents have been there and we know the pain of wanting to rest but also worrying about all the things we have done wrong, forgotten, or the things that can potentially go wrong in the future. Well, this one is for you!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for! It’s an amazing animation that covers a very interesting topic of cultural trauma and explores the connections between family and community, among other great themes. It’s good entertainment for both children and adults, just like every other Disney movie. We hope you enjoyed these memes whether you watched Encanto or not!