5 Great Ways to Stop Drivers from Texting While Behind the Wheel

Man texting while driving

Today, more and more passengers are speaking up about texting and driving. If you are one of the people who are nervous but unsure of how to bring the topic up, there is a solution. Here are a few ways to share your concerns with the driver if you are in this situation.

The Direct Way to Tell the Driver to Stop Texting

You can always say that you get really nervous when people drive and text at the same time. Wait to see how the driver responds. Most people will admit it’s not safe at all and will at least put down the phone.

The Subtle Approach

If you are not okay with the direct approach, you can always try by giving them a hint. You can say something like that in most states police officers are handing out tickets for texting and driving. Pointing out things that the driver might miss seeing like a dog, kid, or overturned bank truck.

Woman using her phone while driving with her toddler in the back seat

The Group Approach

If the group thinks that a driver is a hazard, you can make a plan together. Take away the car keys of the driver. In fact, it is something that must be done to drunk drivers. Recent studies show that it is effective.

The “Wow, Look at That Bad Driver!” Approach

Point out drivers who wander into the next lane, drive 45 on the highway, stop at a green light, or run a stop sign. Then, make guesses about who they are texting to. Variations on the punch buggy game, awarding each time you see a driver who seems to be texting might help too.

Person holding their phone and food while behind the wheel with a young boy crossing the street in front

The “Life-Saving” Approach

If someone continues to drive and texts and makes fun of you for worrying about it, the best thing to do is to avoid getting in a car with this person. Cutting drivers off is always a good idea that might make them think more the next time they drive.