According to a Poll, Age 8 Is the Hardest Age to Parent

You believed that your mischievous two-year-old was a hassle to you. Or maybe, ever since their most recent birthday, your child who is now four years old has been testing your patience daily. The majority of parents, according to the results of a survey, think that the ages of two, three, and four are easier than the age of eight. Here is why.

Why Age Eight, Exactly?

The fact that a child is considered big at the age of eight explains why the age might be challenging. Number eight embodies personality, individualism, and attitude, all while maintaining a desire to finish the day with a cuddle and a hug. At the age of eight, the body begins to prepare for the onset of puberty and the hormones that accompany it.

In reality, the majority of the 2,000 parents who participated in the 2020 study felt that age eight was the worst year, with age six being better than anticipated and age seven producing the most severe tantrums. Although it is a bit harsh, the parents even dubbed the eight-year-old period the “hateful eights,” noting that tantrums seemed to have increased around this time. If you’ve never had an eight-year-old, these findings might seem surprising, but there are a few reasons why a child’s eighth year might be particularly difficult from a parent’s perspective.

Slamming Doors and Rolling Eyes

When eight-year-olds try to assert their independence and individuality, they might be obstinate, slamming doors and rolling their eyes. The typical behavior of eight-year-olds is to ignore their parents outright while acting as though doing their tasks is a form of pain. Even though eight-year-olds can be difficult to handle and give you a headache, they still just want a hug after a particularly stressful day or a major breakdown. When possible, choose compassion when your eight-year-old is acting like, well, an eight-year-old. Parenting an eight-year-old is difficult, but so is being an eight-year-old.

While every age undoubtedly has its ups and downs, those of you who have kids that are currently in year eight know that we understand. The picture wouldn’t be complete, of course, if we didn’t also note that the parents who participated in the poll expressed surprise at how rapidly their children grew up and gained independence. So, if you’re having one of those bad days, just remember: It does go by so fast.