25 Reasons That Show Why Our Kids Need Their Grandparents in Their Lives

The late American comedian, Sam Levenson, said that the reason why grandchildren and grandparents get along well is that they have a common enemy – the parents.

While Levenson had a funny way of looking at it, the relationship between a grandchild and the grandparent is an important one that should be natured. A study done by Cornell University acknowledges that this relationship comes second emotionally to that between a child and a parent. The treats and the spoiling are only part of a more significant and more essential equation – A study at Boston University revealed that a strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren helps reduce depression incidences later on life.

Here are 25 reasons why grandpa and grandma should definitely meet their grandchildren more often.

They Are Supportive Irrespective of the Situation

Grandparents have a perfect way of supporting their offspring’s young ones whenever they need a shoulder to lean on. If you are going through a difficult situation and you have no idea of a person to share your struggles with, try talking to your grandparents, and you’ll love the counsel and support.

They are supportive irrespective of the situation

Parents can take advantage of this and convince their young ones to turn to their grannies for advice. Since they are aged and experienced, they know how to advise the little ones without making them feel left out or misunderstood.

They Teach Us Life Essential Lessons

Our grandparents have a unique position in our lives, which allows them to shape our grandchildren’s lives. As we spend quality time with them, they teach us a few things that help us lead better and more fulfilling lives.

They teach us life essential lessons

Grandparents teach their grandchildren many things, such as treating others respectfully, caring for animals and working hard. While parents tend to look at everyday living, grandparents consider the bigger picture.

They Teach Us Unique Sense of Style

Since they grew up in a different era, grannies have a sense of style that we aren’t familiar with. The priorities they had were different at the time. If you want to rock an exceptional style, consult your grandpa or grandma.

They teach us unique sense of style

Back then, people would dress up for occasions. They would wear something different when going to the theater and for grocery shopping. People started dressing casually in the ’90s.

They Show Us What It Means to Be Involved

According to a study, grandparents feel that being a grandparent is the most crucial role in their lives. It allows them to be compassionate, loving, caring, and open.

They show us what it means to be involved

Grandparents seem to exist for the love of their grandchildren. Whether it is about teaching them or spending time together, they do everything with utmost dedication and compassion.

They Are Open to Learning New Things from Us

By the time you came along, it had been a long time since your grandparents hung out with a small child. Therefore, they aren’t up-to-date with new technology and trends because they never existed in their time. With you around, they can learn new stuff.

They are open to learning new things from us

Children love the idea of knowing things that other people don’t because it boosts their confidence. Therefore, teaching your granny how to use a laptop is beneficial to both of you.

They Remind Us That Life Isn’t That Serious

They may have forgotten their spouse’s name, lost their teeth, or been out of work for a while, but they know how to make jokes out of their troubles. Since they have been around for a while, grandparents understand that some things don’t matter that much and they live without fear or regrets.

They remind us that life isn’t that serious

Whatever troubles they are in, grandparents know that age is catching up with them and don’t mind laughing about it. Probably you’ll pick a leaf or two from them.

They Teach Us Good Values

Parents try their best to train their children, but they certainly don’t know everything. That’s where grandparents come in, because they play vital roles in their grandchild’s ethical development.

They teach us good values

Strangely enough, kids don’t mind making their beds or setting the table when their grandparents ask them to. The stories, virtues, and wisdom that grannies share with their grandparents have a huge impact on the kid’s moral advancement.

They Are Ever Present

Grandparents always have time for us. They understand that time passes away fast, and that’s why they value every moment they spend with you. Grandparents are never in a hurry to leave their grandchildren, and they always lend a listening ear and a helping hand when called upon to do so.

They are ever present

Their presence is not only physical but also emotional. Before the iPhone era, people found time to sit and have a chance; it wasn’t all about sliding in the DM and commenting on social media posts.

Given More Time, They Can Show Greater Support

What many people don’t know is that their grandparents wouldn’t mind extending more significant support when and if given a chance. Since most grannies don’t have a full-time job, they usually have a lot of time to spare.

Given more time, they can show greater support

Therefore, they can focus mainly on their grandchildren’s development without having too much on their hands to carry. They are in a better position to enjoy all the beautiful things that their grandchildren say that delights them.

They Know How to Keep Your Belly Full

Nobody makes better pancakes, brownies, or any other food than grandma does. If you are visiting her house, you had better be prepared to be over-fed. Feeding you is her way of extending her love and care to you, and it is one of the reasons you keep going back to her house.

They know how to keep your belly full

They are overly generous and they care for your needs. If you miss having a delicious home-prepared meal, you’d better visit granny’s house. Her meals are prepared by heart, and that’s why she feeds your body and soul.

They Are Pillars of Stability

In our current fast-paced world, it’s easy to get lost in it. As the only constant continues to change, our grandparents have a way of being the only constant that doesn’t change. This is particularly important for kids whose parents divorce or separate. Knowing that grandma and grandpa will forever be there is a big consolation that isn’t to be taken for granted. Life doesn’t have to be traumatic because your grandparents will be there to offer you love and security.

They are pillars of stability

Parents’ new job or even relocating to a new city can throw a child off balance. During such times, one should know that their grandparents are always going to be there.

They Teach Us Patience

Grandparents don’t rush their things. They don’t succumb to the pressure of deadlines or schedules. They will take the time to enjoy and experience every moment of their lives.

They teach us patience

If you feel pressured by city life, take a breather by visiting your grandparents. They will remind you of how it feels like to live a moment at a time.

They Speak from Experience

The longer a person lives on earth, the more wisdom that’s bestowed upon them. Not only do kids learn from their parent’s knowledge and experience, but also their grandparents. The old guys know how to calm fears, reassure their young ones, and soothe them. They understand that everything gets better with time because they have been here long enough to know that.

They speak from experience

Surprisingly enough, grandparents know answers to everything. They know where the moon sleeps during the day and what a shooting star is. Kids tend to trust their grandparents more than any other adults.

They Teach Us Family History

Grandparents may not be too pleased to be referred to as the links to the past, but from our view, that is what they are and we appreciate them.

They teach us family history

Children that have the opportunity of spending time with their grannies have the chance of listening to their stories about how things came to be and their family history too. If you have been asked to write about your family’s history or lineage, visit your grandparents, and you’ll have adequate material for the paper.

We Can Confide in Them

Everybody needs a confidant, and children are no exception. In a kid’s life, the grandparents are like the second parents. They should be caring but also ready to correct us when we are wrong. That way, you know that they will give you the right guidance when you pour out your heart to them.

We can confide in them

Grandparents transform their grandchildren’s lives. They are keen listeners, and they offer comfort and refined advice. Nothing is as comforting as knowing that your granny will listen to you whenever you call upon them.

They Are Always Willing to Help

When both parents are working full-time, grandparents are ever willing to play an essential role in raising the young ones. According to a census that was carried out in 2010, 2.7 million grandparents are eager to provide basic needs to their grandchildren and to take care of them regularly.

They are always willing to help

Grandparents are usually willing to act as a babysitter occasionally. Parents are at peace of mind knowing that their little ones are under perfect care.

Friends Come in All Ages and Shapes

Ooh yes! Who can make a better friend than your grandparent? Have you ever met someone who doesn’t judge you but is willing to correct you when you are wrong? Grandparents are supportive, caring, and compassionate, and they make amazing friends.

Friends come in all ages and shapes

If you are looking for a friend who will never turn their backs on you, consider making your grandfather or grandmother one. Other friendships may come with peer pressure and expectations, but that’s not the case for grandparents. They are ever supportive.

They Make Us Happier

Kids that relate to their grandparents are often mature and emotionally stable. Researchers from the University of Oxford discovered that children who are involved with grandparents are significantly happier than those who aren’t.

They make us happier

We can argue over many things, but not science and facts!

They Help with the Small Things Too

We rarely ask for big things from our grandparents, and the small things we ask for are usually granted. When your parents ask your grandma or grandpa to pick you from school, they will gladly do it. They can help out with the small stuff like teaching you how to sew or bake too.

They help with the small things too

The small acts of assistance send a huge message. They go a long way in saying that you aren’t on your own. When you need them, they will be there.

They Are Often Better Mentors Than Parents

Kids are ever keen to learn new things. Whether they want to master a skill or do well at something, their grandparents make wonderful mentors. They are good role models for the younger generations.

They are often better mentors than parents

For some reason, grandfathers have a perfect way of teaching their grandsons how to tie shoelaces; even when the fathers cannot. Grannies find ways of teaching their grandkids homework easily.

They Influence Their Grandkids’ Relationships

Results from a study show that about 90 percent of grandchildren feel that their grandparents influenced their values and beliefs. A child’s perspective at life is what makes up a healthy, normal relationship, and it’s often shaped by how the relationship with their grandparents was like.

They influence their grandkids’ relationships

Frequent contact brings in the sense of unwavering support and emotional intimacy. Children get to experience what having a genuine, positive relationship looks like.

Their Love Towards Us Is Unconditional

Research shows that children find unique acceptance from their relationships with their grandparents, which is beneficial, both mentally and emotionally. Parents are a great source of genuine love, but parental love can also be complex.

Their love towards us is unconditional

Parents usually have expectations and hopes for their kids. Parental ego may be involved too. On the other hand, our grandparents love us for who we are. They rarely criticize us or expect much from us. What other pure forms of love could there be?

They Share Their Hobbies with Others

Many people learned fishing, hunting, baking, and many other life skills from their grandparents. Even though your granny doesn’t know how to use the internet or fix the play station, they know an array of stuff they can train us.

They share their hobbies with others

If you are interested in learning how to garden, knit, woodwork, or any other craft, visit your granny this weekend and get to acquire a new skill. Since grandparents are concerned about their grandchildren’s welfare, they teach them with care and sensitivity, which makes learning fun.

Their Presence Never Fades Away

Even when our grandparents are not physically present, we feel their presence in our hearts. They are a gift to us, and they stay forever in our memories.

Their presence never fades away

Our grandparents may not hold our hands, but they are forever in our souls and spirits. Even when they pass on, they are like trees in the garden that we can run to on a sunny afternoon to catch some shade. Their comfort and presence never go away!

Their Love Is Immeasurable

When a grandparent is indulging with their grandchild, they do it without thinking twice. They shower their little ones with goodies and gifts. One of the most significant gifts they give us is their time. Grannies don’t put an end to the love they offer their grandchildren, and nothing is more potent than that.

Their love is immeasurable

As children grow, they need to feel loved. Sometimes parents are unable to provide full emotional needs to their little ones. Therefore, the grandparent’s presence helps them to achieve bigger and better milestones.